Content Provider of Record

A Content Provider of Record (CPR) owns or has power of attorney over an instrument

Registering as a CPR is similar to applying for a driver’s license with a department of motor vehicles. After uploading the required documents, FindMyInstrument™ will issue you with a unique, permanent CPR Identification Number. You will need this ID number to:

Step 1: Determine your CPR category

First, you must choose which type of CPR you will be; each category has unique requirements.

  • Individual
  • Organization
  • Power of Attorney

Step 2: Gather the necessary documents


  • Personal identification
  • Contact information

Power of Attorney:

  • Contact information
  • Personal identification


  • Organization information
  • EIN number or equivalent
  • Representative’s contact information
  • Representative’s personal identification
  • Authorization letter by organization

Step 3: Complete the application:

You can begin your application online by clicking here


Individual CPR: $50

Note: Yearly fees will offset the costs of administering the registry. These registration fees are valid until June 30, 2024 and are subject to change upon 30 days’ notice to CPRs.

Step 4: Receiving Content Provider of Record ID

You will receive a Content Provider of Record identification number, which you will need to use to register instruments.


Content Provider of Record accounts are valid for a year and will need to be renewed if you wish to continue to register more instruments or to upload or edit information on your instruments. When renewing your membership, you will need to update all of the information you provided when you registered.

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