Classically Connected, Inc.

(Formerly Si-Yo Music Society Foundation, Inc.)

Founded in 1966, Classically Connected, Inc. is dedicated to connecting a global community through classical music.
CCI supports a roster of civic-minded artists, conserves and lends fine instruments,
and offers musical outreach events to underserved populations.


CCI Appoints Paolo Bodini as Board Chair

A trustee since 2016, Dr. Paolo Bodini is founder and president of Friends of Stradivari in Cremona, Italy, where he has played a pivotal role in promoting the city as the international center of violin making.

Archi Magazine Covers FindMyInstrument™

Archi covered our registry in its coveted September/October issue, which is distributed every year at Cremona Musica.

Classically Connected, Inc. Renames Musical Instrument Registry to FindMyInstrument™

CCI has renamed the Classically Connected, Inc. International Musical Instrument Registry™ to FindMyInstrument™, a simpler and more accessible name that reflects the convenient experience of using the registry.

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