Emergency Fund

Si-Yo Artist™ Support Fund COVID-19 Emergency Grant Application

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    Name of EngagementDate (dd/mm/yy)Type of EngagementWork(s) to be PerformedPerformance Fee ContractedPerformance Fee ReceivedOut-of-Pocket Expense ContractedOut-of-Pocket Expense ReceivedUnreimbursed Balance Amount 
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  • Including a statement that the requested COVID-19 Emergency Grant amount has not otherwise been offset by other sponsors or grantors
  • Disclose any relationship that would cause Applicant to be a disqualified person with respect to Si-Yo Music within the meaning of Section 4946(a) “Definition of Disqualified Person” of the Internal Revenue Code, and information on relationships between Applicant and (1) officers or trustees of Si-Yo Music, (2) donors to Si-Yo Music or a member of the family of either, and (3) a corporation controlled by a donor to Si-Yo Music (type “None” if there is no relationship).

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