Register an Instrument

CCI International Musical Instrument Registry™ Instrument Registration

To register an instrument:

  • You must first register as a CCI IMIR™ Content Provider of Record (CPR)
  • Submit a CCI IMIR™ Instrument Registration Form 
  • Provide Statement of Ownership (certificate of authenticity, appraisal, power of attorney, etc.). If you do not have such a document, click here for an attestation of ownership (this document requires notarization).
  • If you have reached your CPR instrument limit of 10 instruments, please select “TBD” on the CCI IMIR™ Instrument Registration Form and use a credit or debit card to make a payment of 4 USD per additional instrument (the current fee through December 31, 2022)
  • Your uploaded information will be checked within 3–5 business days for consistency with CCI IMIR™ metadata field definitions and you will be notified when a CCI IMIR™ unique identifier number is assigned to the instrument

To upload instrument data and information, you will be required to provide:

  1. Your CCI IMIR™ CPR Full Name
  2. Email Address: Email used to register as CCI IMIR™ CPR
  3. CCI IMIR™ CPR Identification Number
  4. Statement of Ownership
  5. Instrument Type
  6. Instrument Description
  7. Instrument Images

Optional fields include:

  • Workshop or Manufacturer
  • Maker First, Middle, and Last Name
  • Common Maker Name
  • Made Country
  • Made City
  • Made Region
  • Made Year
  • Moniker
  • Label, Brand, or Stamp
  • Upload Images of Label, Brand, or Stamp
  • Instrument Description and Materials
  • Endangered Species Materials
  • Measurements
  • Narrative
  • Instrument Images
  • Certificates
  • Press
  • Media (instrument pictures and videos)

To submit edits to a registered instrument, you must be the current CPR for the instrument.

On the Instrument Edit Form, only your CPR credentials are required. All of the instrument metadata fields are optional; you only need to add information or upload media to the fields that you intend to update. This service is free of charge.

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